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狂想曲 | 一场时尚与艺术的碰撞 Rhapsody | When Fashion Meets Art

2017/10/21 - 2017/11/27


    展讯/Exhibition Information
    JOYCE × Je | 贝尔纳·布菲、李继开、罗威作品联展

    JOYCE × Je | A Group Exhibition of Bernard Buffet, Li Jikai And Luo Wei

    展览名称 Title: 狂想曲 | 一场时尚与艺术的碰撞   Rhapsody | When Fashion Meets Art
    艺术家 Artist: 贝尔纳·布菲Bernard Buffet、李继开Li Jikai、罗威Luo Wei
    展览时间 Duration : 2017.10.21 - 2017.11.27
    品牌方 Brand: JOYCE 载思
    执行方 Host: 杜若云章画廊 Je Fine Art Gallery Shanghai
    艺术跨界Crossover Cooperation:意大利酒庄泪珠CiuCiu
    展览地址 Venue: 上海市南京西路1266号恒隆广场3层319店JOYCE – SHOP 319,3/F, PLAZA66, 1266 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai
    10月21日起至11月27日,时尚名所JOYCE携手JeFine Art Gallery(上海杜若云章画廊)在JOYCE上海恒隆店举办狂想曲联展,呈现来自贝尔纳·布菲、李继开、罗威,三位艺术家的系列作品,带来一场结合了艺术与时尚的美学飨宴。早于20世纪90年代后期,JOYCE就在法国巴黎皇家花园成立画廊,专门展出全球顶尖艺术家和摄影师的杰作。直至今日,无论是在香港、北京还是上海旗舰店,和不同的艺术家及创意空间合作一直是JOYCE传达艺术与时尚的联承美学的理想与使命。

    贝尔纳·布菲 Bernard Buffet
    被誉为“毕加索接班人”的贝尔纳·布菲是法国最伟大的当代画家之一。与毕加索一样,布菲从年少时就展现出了惊人的绘画才能。 在1947年,年仅19岁的贝尔纳·布菲举办了人生第一个展览,作品在此期间全部售光。而曾经错过19世纪大批印象派作品的法国政府和博物馆也一改观望状态,对于这位奇才颇为重视和青睐。

    空中杂技 | 1968

    裸女 | 1970

    钟声与欧莫广场 | 1979


    目光 | 1967年 | 佳士得2014年拍品


                           李继开                                                                                            罗威
    正如作家苏童所言:“这个男孩从不呆在他应该呆的地方。不在教室里,不在小床上…… 没有大人陪伴,更没有小女孩陪伴。他在积木上,他在废墟上……” 而画家自己也坦诚地说过,外在世界的影响是无法回避的,正是这样的时代造就了这样的你。[ 引用自李继开访谈]站在李继开的小男孩面前,我们更像是在阅读这一幅幅画作。而画家也经常通过写诗的方式将自己引入绘画的“进行”状态。

    土豆 | 2014

    风景 | 2015


    2 摘自《PowerRo》罗威采访]

    草本系列之白色的花 | 2014

    蓝蝴蝶| 2016


    JOYCE X Je | A Group Exhibition of
    Bernard Buffet, Li Jikai And Luo Wei

    JOYCE, the Asia’s fashion pioneer, will collaborate with Je Fine Art Gallery to present a project called “RHAPSODY” featuring both fashion and art at JOYCE store in Plaza 66 Shanghai from Oct 21 to Nov 27 this year. JOYCE’s pursuit of tastes and styles is not limited to fashion; with a profound passion in exploring of art world, JOYCE Gallery was established in French Royal Palace Garden in late 90’s to exhibit creations of international top artists and photographers in particular; the mission to discover the art and creativity continues in all JOYCE stores across Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai today. The exhibition by JOYCE and Je Fine Art Gallery will showcase various art pieces from French artist - Bernard Buffet, and two Chinese contemporary artists - Li Jikai and Luo Wei. The project also features an in-depth look at JOYCE’s creative fashion vision and how it corresponds to the world of art.

    A  Resonance Created by  Art and Fashion, A Symphony of the West and the East.
    More Fashionable than Fashion, More Artistic than Art.

    Honored as “the successor of Picasso”, Bernard Buffet was one of the French contemporary superb painters. Like Picasso, Buffetshowed his talent as early as his childhood. In 1947, at the age of only 19, Buffet held his first exhibitionand all exhibited paintings were sold. Since then, instead of just observing, the French government and considerable museums started paying attention to him.

    His painting style was formed around the period after WWII. Feelings like depression, desperation, upset, grief and indignation appeared frequently in works of middle-aged and young writers and painters. Such muted sorrow and violence were hidden in those sarcastic words and untamed brushes. As one of them, Buffet sketched his unique flat world with angular but fluid lines. His painted figures are often thin and slender. His still lifes and landscapes also bear a special sense of decadence and solitude. Even In the tide of abstract painting after WWII, the talented artist still insisted on painting figuratively and his charming works had moved a great many viewers

    Interestingly, most paintings of Buffet are collected privately by his faithful supporters, and hence in the market scene even Christie's can only present one of his paintings each year for auction. Nowadays, his distinct art style are still liked by many people.

    Besides Western artists, of course, JOYCE and Je also pay attention to the development of art of our domestic artists. Li Jikai and Luo Wei, two young Chinese artists born in 1970s, stand out particularly.

    The imagination of human beings has always been expressed in art. For Li Jikai, he transforms his emotion and thoughts into the image of a little boy, who appears in his paintings from time to time.

    As the famous Chinese contemporary writer Su Tong once said, “The boy stays in places where he shouldn’t have been. He’s not in the classroom, not in his bed…not with his parents or a girl…However, he’s on building blocks, amid the ruins…” The artist spoke sincerely once, “we can’t escape the influence of outside world because that’s what makes who we are in this day and this age”.[ From Li jikai's interview] Standing before the little boy in Li Jikai’s paintings, the viewers seem to be reading various stories. The painter also uses poetry-writing tobring himself into the state of “ contemplation” for art creations.

    Through water-based acrylic, the poetic features and sensibilities in Li Jikai’s paintings are fully represented. In 2014, the painting titled Potato, one of his most important artworks, was exhibited in “Lijikai’s Solo Exhibition” in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

    Artist Luo Wei often turns his lens to minute life cycles, such as the larvae of mosquitos, butterflies, and plants.
    His butterflies and plants sometimes shown in the process of hatching, sometimes growing, and sometimes metamorphosing…The forms of life painted by Luo Wei have the poetic qualities of Tagore’s lines 'Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.’

            We can often find performative acts of paintings shown in Luo Wei’s different rendering of paints – acts like spreading, scraping and re-covering. The thick pigment creates a unique sense of visual “disorder,”  and the artist refers it as “a visual enzyme.” The “chemical reactions” initiated by the enzymes are encoded by the artist, moving toward an order in a seemingly disorder. [ From POWER·Luo Wei]

    In the space where art and fashion coexist, the symphony of these three great international artists are about lead you into wild fantasies.

    本次展出作品Exhibited Paintings:

    贝尔纳·布菲 | 空中杂技 | 1968

    贝尔纳·布菲 | 裸女 | 1970

    贝尔纳·布菲 | 钟声与欧莫广场 | 1979

    李继开 | 风景 | 2015

    李继开 | 土豆 | 2014

    罗威 | 蓝蝴蝶| 2016

    罗威 | 草本系列6号 | 2016

    罗威 |草本系列之白色的花 | 2017

    罗威 |草本系列之前天的花 | 2017

    罗威 |复活的蝶 | 2017

    罗威 |红蝶 | 2016

    成立于1971年,JOYCE Group为亚洲时装零售业及品牌管理的先驱,多年来不断发掘国际设计师品牌。JOYCE Group 一直培育及支持世界各地的创作精英。时至今日,JOYCE Group拥有其著名精品店JOYCE,提供尊贵美容及护肤品牌的JOYCE Beauty及多个独立品牌专卖店包括Alexander Wang、DriesVan Noten、Dsquared2、Neil Barrett、Marni、Rick Owens、sacai、Thom Browne及Victoria Beckham。JOYCE Group目前包括5间JOYCE 精品店及10间以上的JOYCE Beauty零售店。

    Founded in 1971 and continuously representing designers and artists who transcend creative boundaries, JOYCE Group is Asia’s vanguard of fashion retail, brand management and distribution. A nurturer and supporter of extraordinary talents across the world, JOYCE Group today owns its eponymous and legendary multi-brand boutique JOYCE, a prestigious beauty retail concept JOYCE Beauty, and a distribution portfolio of innovative designers including Alexander Wang, Dries Van Noten, Dsquared2, Marni, Neil Barrett, Rick Owens, sacai, Thom Browne and Victoria Beckham. JOYCE Group operates over 50 points of sales across Greater China including five JOYCE multi-brand boutiques and over 10 JOYCE Beauty store concepts.


    杜若云章画廊2014年创立于上海,坐落于上海市中心“穿行老洋房,睡闻梧桐香”的历史建筑区。我们全力打造的是专业的国际艺术平台。与纽约老牌画廊 沃尔特·维克瑟 (Walter Wickiser Gallery, since 1992) 的联袂合作,为我们提供了更国际化的视野和更有效的推介渠道。

    Je Fine Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, located in the historical area of Shanghai on Yongjia Rd/ Yueyang Rd. We are originally from New York, opened in 1992 in Soho.